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Coleman Mady
2/14/20 3:14 PM

There's always something unusual about drummers’ music productions…”  This is the slogan that launches the unique collection album, which represents the exciting style of world fusion / fusion world jazz.


The colorful sounding reflects the musical approach of the percussion-drummer-keyboardist composer.   The recordings were joined by his outstanding soloists- and vocalists friends.
Coleman Mady’s characteristic compositions are a kind of "urban world music," the subtitle of this rare CD album.
Sensitive music grows out of the world of exotic instruments, hang-drum and many percussion instruments, as described by a program editor: "A beautiful gift for ears and souls!"
The titles are expressive:

 Voices / Wood Clown / It’s Too Late Now…/ Star Dust / Urban Rider / Lotus Flower / Downtown  Groove  /  Toy /   On Free Waters / If… /   I Tie My Horse / Unerground Groove


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