Our label strives to support outstanding music and artists. We are committed to give more genuine talents the opportunity of getting their work released.
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Tom-Tom Records news

Hien - VIVA Comet 2014
Tom-Tom Records - 6/12/14 5:16 PM

HIen won tthe VIVA Comet prize for the best female artist in 2014.

Congratulations, Hien!

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Szalóki Ági - Körforgás (Spin)
Tom-Tom Records - 5/13/14 1:48 PM

Körforgás (Spin) a musical book by Szalóki Ági has been released by publisher Kolibri and Tom-Tom Records.

It features song adaptations of poems by József Attila, Tamkó Sirató Károly, Szabó T. Anna, Erdős Virág, Jónás Tamás és Garaczi László.

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Official awards
Tom-Tom Records - 3/18/14 2:48 PM

Both Für Anikó and Tomos Kátya received state awards on March 14th.

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Csemer Boggie / Parfüm
Tom-Tom Records - 1/21/14 7:09 PM

Just under 24 hrs Boggie's clip for the song Parfume had over 1m views and a lot of raving reviews from all around the world.

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Compact Disco-We Will Not Go Down
Tom-Tom Records - 6/20/13 12:24 PM

Compact Disco is working on their new release, expected to be out in autumn. Their last LP Steroid brought the band unprecedented limelight with prime radio rotation and a chance to represent the country at the Eurovision.

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