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Tom-Tom Studio

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Terms of use

Provider and Proprietor Details

Data of the service provider and proprietor (“Provider”) of the online store service on the website www.tomtom.hu (“tomtom.hu”):
Full company name of the proprietor and provider of the Service: Tom-Tom Hangstúdió Kft.
Abbreviated company name of the Provider: Tom-Tom Kft.
Location of the Provider: Rókahegyi út 25., Budapest, 1038, Hungary
Civil authority to which Provider belongs: Fővárosi Bíróság mint Cégbíróság
Company index number of the Provider: 01-09-064913
Tax number of the Provider: 10326532241
E-mail address of the Provider: info@tomtom.hu
Primary webpage of the Service: www.tomtom.hu

Terms and Conditions

  • The present legal agreement between the User and the Provider governs your use of the tomtom.hu online store service (”Service”). By registering at our website you accept the terms of this agreement.
  • The provided Service falls under the law ”2001. évi CVIII. Törvény (EKT)” (Act pertaining to electronic commercial services and internet services).
  • The Provider reserves the right to modify this Agreement, in which case it notifies its Users 15 days in advance via e-mail. After the Agreement has been modified, by using the Service, Users accept the terms of the modified Agreement.
  • The laws of the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary and the law ”1999. évi LXXVI. törvény“ about copyright govern this agreement.

Users, Registration

  • Tomtom.hu is an online store operated by the Provider.
  • The browsing of content on pages of tomtom.hu is free of charge and is accessible to the public.
  • Tomtom.hu offers registration to Users who wish to use the online store service. Tomtom.hu also offers registration for its business partners.
  • User registration requires the User to provide complete and accurate data of the following: family name; given name; shipping address; billing address; phone number; e-mail address.
  • By registering, the User agrees to provide all required information completely and accurately. It is not permitted to register with a user name that is obscene, provoking, misleading or promoting any business. In case the User should register with a user name that falls into any of the above categories, the Provider has the right to request the user name change from the User. If the User fails to comply with this request, the Provider may delete this User’s account.
  • Any natural person or legal entity having full legal capacity may register as a User at tomtom.hu.
  • It is a condition of registering that the User’s registration be accepted by the Provider.
  • The Provider reserves the right to deny registration without any further notice, especially when one of the following applies:
    • False data provided by User.
    • Inappropriate behavior of the User.
    • Defamation of tomtom.hu by the User
    • If the User is a registered partner, and the content uploaded by this User does not meet the quality standards of tomtom.hu.
  • In case of data change, the User is required to modify the user account so that the data provided remain complete and accurate. The Provider may request the User to correct the data if it has any knowledge of such change. Should a request by the Provider remain unaddressed by the User for more than 5 days, the Provider may suspend or delete the User’s account.
  • Registering as a User is free of charge.
  • Any registered User may submit a valid purchase offer on products promoted on tomtom.hu.
  • Registered Users may only act in their own name and on their own behalf.
  • The User may terminate their account any time. The User may request the account termination in e-mail.


  • The services of the tomtom.hu online store are available only to its registered Users. The Users may make purchases in the store using the following payment methods:
    • collect on delivery payment
    • bank card payment (using the online services of K&H Bank)
    • PayPal (studio@tomtom.hu)
  • Any registered User may purchase any of the items listed in the tomtom.hu online store catalogue.
  • The Provider may not make a purchase offer on items that are sold by the Provider itself.
  • A purchase at the tomtom.hu online store is an irrevocable purchase offer on the part of the User and is a legal commitment of the User to purchase the item.
  • The Provider provides the list of the prices of all items as well as the prices of other services (such as shipping and handling) provided.
  • The Provider is required to present the items for sale accurately, including any factors that might influence the Users’ intent to purchase. The Provider must list any defect or damage in the given product, should there be any. If the Provider fails to do so, the User has the right to return the product to the Provider.
  • The Provider commits to the following:
    • The item for sale is the property of the Provider, or the Provider is licensed to sell the item.
    • All of the conditions of the sale are unchanged as long as the item is listed on tomtom.hu.
    • The Provider sells the product to the User who purchases it, unless the Provider notifies the User in writing of any contrary state of affairs.
  • The Provider may relist or delete any item in its catalogue.
  • Once the purchase is made, the contract that comes into effect by the purchase is sent to the User by the Provider immediately, or in any case not later than 24 hours after the User making the purchase.
  • Following the online purchase, unless the parties agree otherwise, the payment and shipping method is chosen by the User from the options listed by the Provider.
  • In case of the User choosing collect on delivery payment, full payment must be made by the User at the item’s arrival. If payment is not completed, the Seller (Provider) may put in a claim of damages against the Customer (User).
  • Payments made by bank card or PayPal must be made in advance, before receiving the product.

Payment by bank card

  • You can make payments for your purchases in our store securely and conveniently using your bank card. After placing the order on the products you wish to purchase, you will be redirected to the K&H Bank website, where you can commence the transaction using the most secure encryption system of K&H Bank. In order to pay by bank card, choose the option “payment by bank card” from the payment methods, and then enter your card details on the K&H website (card number and expiry date). K&H Bank accepts the following cards: VISA Classic, VISA Electron, Eurocard/MasterCard.
  • Bank cards that are for electronic use only are only accepted if the issuing bank enables the option of online payment. Please contact the issuing bank for further information concerning online payment with this type of bank cards.
  • Following a successful transaction, K&H bank issues a transaction ID number. We suggest keeping this receipt for further reference. In an event of an unsuccessful transaction, the bank notifies the customer of the causes of the unsuccessful payment.
  • The Users registered at tomtom.hu accept that the Provider is not liable for any damage or abuse that result from the bank card payment, including the loss of a bank card unreported to the issuing bank. The Provider is not liable for any errors, omissions in the transaction order or for the overall security of the payment method. If a payment method includes bank transaction, the Provider cannot be held responsible for the time it takes for the transaction clear at the bank, nor can the Provider be responsible for any damages arising from mistakenly filled out transaction orders.


The Provider guarantees the following regarding all content available on the website:

  • the content adheres to the truth to the best of its knowledge
  • publishing the content does not violate any law
  • the content does not violate the rights of any third party (personality rights or copyright)
  • the content does not defame any third party


  • The Provider is entitled to suspend the Service during the regular maintenance of the system. The Provider must notify the registered Users and Partners of the suspension of the service 2 days in advance on the website, or in its newsletter.
  • The registered Users must accept that the Service provided might be interrupted or suspended without the prior knowledge of the Provider. In such a case, Provider must act immediately in order to restore the Service.
  • The registered Users accept that the continuity and speed of data transmission on the Internet are determined by factors that the Provider is not liable for. The Provider does everything within its powers to ensure fast and uninterrupted data transmission, but cannot be held responsible for delayed transmission, or loss, of information.
  • The Provider is only liable for the errors that can be attributed to it and those that result from the Provider’s intentional or involuntary actions. This liability only extends up to the costs that are included in the purchase contract made between the Provider and the User.
  • The Provider is entitled to transfer its rights and its commitments made to the Users to a third party. The Users recognize the Provider’s entitlement when registering as User at the website tomtom.hu.
  • Registered Users, however, may only act in their own name and own their own behalf, their rights and commitments to the Provider and to other Users might not be transferred onto any other third party.
  • The Provider is not a party in any contract that comes into existence between its Users.
  • The Provider reserves the right to refuse or to cease the publication of any material or to deny any registration request by Users that it deems to be in violation of the present Agreement.


  • Registered Users acknowledge all copyrights of the Provider concerning the notions or emblems that constitute the Provider’s intellectual property, as well as the Provider’s copyrights regarding any phonetic or visual similarities to these notions or emblems.
  • Registered Users acknowledge all copyrights of Tom-Tom Hangstúdió Kft. regarding the name Tom-Tom, any related notions and emblems, and their phonetic and visual similarities.
  • Registered Users cannot use the aforementioned trademarks as their own, and they may not use these trademarks in a defaming context.


  • The Provider handles all information provided to it by Users according to the general regulations regarding handling private information. The Provider may use this information in connection to the Services provided at tomtom.hu.
  • Registered Users accept that the Provider may use the information that is provided by the Users for the following means:
    • to improve and develop its service provided to our registered Users
  • to deliver information to its registered Users about our service, in accordance with the interests and representation of interests of its Users
  • The Provider may not:
    • publish the user name, street address and e-mail address provided by the Users. An exception to this rule is when the Provider is required by law to present information to the authorities
    • use additional data provided at registration – non-anonymously – for statistical or marketing purposes
    • handle over to a third party any information provided to it by Users, except for cases described in the present Agreement, unless the Users give their  written consent to it
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